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Hey, I'm Sid.

With degrees in Industrial Engineering and Public Health from UMich, combined with over a decade of experience across consultancies, large health systems, and health tech, I’ve had the opportunity to design meaningful work and impact millions of lives.

I'm at my best when I'm working with folkx to challenge the status quo and bring big, bold ideas to life.

In my spare time, I enjoy getting lost in the redwoods, having lengthy conversations about purpose/my latest read and sculpting clay.
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Finding Love in a Global Pandemic

As a (former) proud left-brained engineer, I appreciated art from a distance - recognizing the practice yet lacking understanding around its utility.  

When the world settled into the pandemic in 2020, I started my journey towards family in India. While waiting for the country to open its borders, I made a pit stop in Brooklyn. It was there I took an intro ceramics course and unknowingly altered the course of my life.

Upon arrival in India a few weeks later, I joined a ceramic production studio in a nearby rural town. I spent my days working at the studio and used the downtime to practice on the kick-wheel. I learned about materials science, glaze theory and about the intersection (and distinction) of art and design. It was a time of self-discovery and unimagined creativity.

I've since been a part of art communities around the world, including Thailand, Nepal, and back home in San Francisco. As it turns out, art is not only an integral part of my story, it is the reason I am a better designer and human.

You can find my sculptural pieces at Queer Arts Featured, an art gallery in Harvey Milk's old photography studio on Castro Street, and at local auctions.